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Photography has developed as a powerful tool to empower conservation.

Photography has served this role since the 1860s, although not widely acknowledged as such. A notable example are the powerful images of Carleton Watkins which were successfully used to stimulate the establishment of Yosemite National Park in 1864 and William Henry Jackson and Ansel Adams who advocated for expansion and continued funding of the park.

With a mission of spreading awareness about the biodiversity of our country through the Photographs, The Urban Trails, is hosting
'SRUSHTI' - A Wildlife and Nature Photography Exhibition on occasion of 'wildlife week' at Thane Kala Bhawan, since last 6 years.

'SRUSHTI' - A Wildlife and Nature Photography Exhibition is a small step towards awareness and conservation of our ecosystem through which, information about the diversity in our country is shared with large number of people every year.

Photography Exhibition

Themes - Wildlife, Nature & landscapes

There are about 8.7 million species spread all around the world and wildlife photography helps us encounter a large number of these varied species of birds, reptiles and animals. Wildlife photographers endure a lot of hardships and have to show immense grit, determination and patience to capture these wonders of the nature. This intense effort taken by the photographers battling the blazing sun, torrential rains and sleepless nights during the countless jungle safaris to put their ‘best shot’ forward and show people the magic that happens in the natural world, deserves much more than just ‘likes’ on the social media.

Srushti 2019 gives the photographers a chance to display their best work, helping them gain exposure and reach a wider audience in a direct and personal way.

This helps in not only getting recognition for the photographers and their valuable work, but also helps increase awareness about biodiversity, among the common people.

Recognition of the existence of the varied wildlife species will also help in the major task of conservation of depleting wildlife.

Get yourselves registered on the website to not only get your work recognized but also create a positive impact for preservation of the ecosystem. 

Srushti 2019 - Photography Competition

Theme - Predators in Action 

The most exciting part of the wildlife photography is witnessing the battle for survival among the different species.

Experiencing the live action and killings can be extremely thrilling and humbling for the photographers as it is the bitter truth and the ultimate law of the jungle world, ‘survival of the fittest’.

This brutal law applies at different levels in the food chain be it a spider stealthily killing a beautiful butterfly or a ferocious wild cat killing an agile deer in an hour-long chase and end up giving us goose bumps.

The varied animals at different levels that are a part of the wildlife biodiversity are tied down to the food chain and are always on a hunt for their survival.

If you have exciting shots of such ‘predators in action’ from different species right from insects to mammals, do participate in Srushti Wildlife Photography Exhibition 2019. Not only would you stand a chance to win exciting prizes, but your work could also be featured at our exhibition.  

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