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About Saleel

Pictures speak louder than words…


As it happens with many, photography began as a passion for Saleel in 2013. His first muse was seeking rare and uncommon species of snakes. This led him to start conversing with the local villagers and soon he realized the immense knowledge they held about the rich, undiscovered wildlife.


From then on, there was no looking back.


In a quest to spread awareness about indigenous, rare and unseen wild Saleel has been passionately shooting the unseen and unknown. The daylight was dedicated to capturing mammals on lens while the hours of darkness brought out another obsession – astrophotography.


When more and more curious wildlife enthusiasts knocked his doors, Saleel started his personalized tours in 2017.

The intention for these is not to just give you a trip but pack your memories with mesmerizing clicks, heartwarming memories and unparalleled beauty of nature. 


If there’s anyone who’s completely immersed in giving you the most out of an experience, it’s him. 

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