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About Saleel

Photography started just as a hobby way back in 2013 as part of the documentation. Back then I use to visit many villages and remote areas in search of some rare and uncommon species of snakes.

As my interactions with the  local villagers gradually began to increase, I realised, most of the villagers were unable to identify the local species of snakes and other reptiles found in and around them and had some serious misconceptions.

This made me realise that the villagers must possess the knowledge of the rich wildlife surrounding them and a need to conserve the same.

I knew that the only medium of connecting with the villagers and spreading awareness was by means of photography as pictures speak louder than words.

On sharing these experiences with my metropolitan friends, I realised that even the city people were equally unaware about the herpetofaunal biodiversity of our country. Thus, with a mission of spreading awareness about the range of indigenous, rare and unseen wildlife, I started my journey of shooting the most uncommon or unknown animals and sharing their detailed information along with the photographs on social media.

Photography, that started as a mere hobby was slowly transforming into my serious passion.

Along with the reptiles, I started shooting indigenous varieties of birds and mammals as well. In the process, I also stumbled upon Astrophotography. While the daylight allowed me to capture breathtaking mammals, I found myself capturing some mesmerising night-scapes in the hours of darkness. This obsession to capture the rare and unknown species of wildlife and exquisite night skies made me travel into nooks and corners of the country and abroad.

Gradually, as more and more people started showing interest towards wildlife photography, I began conducting photography tours to give all the wildlife as well as astrophotography enthusiasts a first hand experience on the field.

The main objective behind the trips to know the animals better, to enjoy the nature and capture the beauty of Mother Nature thought the lens.

Recently with the only intention of sharing little what I know and I have learnt in past few years about Wildlife and Astrophotography, I started online sessions during Covid-19 Lockdown.

Hoping to interact with you on one of the upcoming photo tours or online sessions!

The Best Is Yet To Come! 

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