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I am thrilled to announce re-starting wildlife safaris in India!

Due to my office work and being busy with African wildlife and astrophotography within India, I could barely get any time for Indian wildlife in the last few years. But now it's time to visit the Indian jungle once again this season!

Starting with Tadoba, my alma mater, where I started learning the basics of wildlife photography! "Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve" is one of India's 54 project tiger reserves. You can expect lots of mammals like tigers, leopards, slothbears, Indian gaurs, etc.

In February, I will be visiting Jawai to shoot Indian leopards and hoping to open the Milky Way season by shooting the MW galaxy in the early morning sky behind the Aravali mountain range! Since we are visiting in the winter, you can expect lots of migratory birds in and around the waterbody. Jawai is one of the very few places where you can observe unique human-wildlife coexistence.

In March, we will be exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kaziranga! It is famous for Indian one-horned rhinos! It is believed to host two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhino population. Kaziranga is a vast expanse of tall elephant grass, marshland, and dense tropical moist broadleaf forests, criss-crossed by four major rivers, including the Brahmaputra. Rhinos, elephants, tigers, and lots of birds would be our targets during this trip!

In April, you again have to pack your wide-angle lenses along with Tele!

We would be in Madhya Pradesh's Panna Tiger Reserve to shoot the Royal Bengal Tigers and the Milky Way! Panna is the twenty-second Tiger Reserve of India and fifth in Madhya Pradesh. The reserve is situated in the Vindhyan Ranges and spreads over Panna and Chattarpur districts in the north of the state.


All these tours are limited to a maximum number of 12 participants, including myself. Confirm your seat at the earliest.

Looking forward to seeing you in the field.

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