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First Impression..Shouldn't be the Final Impression!!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Ranthambore National Park!!

To be honest, after my first safari to Ranthambore, my view about this park was terrible! I had almost decided not to visit this park ever again considering the chaos that happened during one of my safaris in March 2015!!

We were in zone 3, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas of the park!!

We had been patiently waiting for at least an hour and a half for Krishna (the tigress) and her 3 cubs to come out in the open and give us a glimpse of their royal walk!

Just 30 minutes before our evening safari could get over, our patience finally paid off!! Krishna came out and we could capture some striking shots of her crossing the lake with her cubs!!

As Krishna moved closer towards the overly excited crowd, the site abruptly turned into a fish market!! All the Tourists, Drivers, Guides in and around the area started shouting each other’s name, moving vehicles, jumping on seats, standing on the bonnet of the vehicle... it was a complete hullabaloo!!

Because of the sudden turmoil, I could literally witness the confident gaze of the cubs transform into horrified and anxious looks!! Even when I was at a perfect angle and having superb light to shoot, I didn’t feel like shooting those disturbed cubs!!

I decided to pack my bag and get out of that place. In that chaotic situation, the least I could do was remove my, however small and inactive share, from that mess and possibly reduce the disturbing impact it had on the wildlife!! I returned home unhappy and decided