Golden Hour with the Gorgeous Bird!

"And what if the bird decides not to sit on that pole today?"

Asked my mother while I was discussing about investing an evening on a boat ride for a sunset shot. To which I casually replied

"Then I will come here again!"

January 2017! My first ever boat ride at Nal Sarovar, and to my surprise, my family accompanied me on a wildlife trip for the very first time.

Inspite of being with my family, I was in no mood of compromising on the golden hour, which has one of the best lighting conditions! Thus, in order to reach the spot well in time, I woke everyone up at 3 am. Within half an hour the group was ready for the trip.

Black-naped Hare

Journey from Ahmadabad to Nal Sarovar was full of fun! On our way we had sightings of Indian Hare, Bluebull, Barn Owl, Spotted Owlet and a Nightjar. With such a positive start to the day, the excitement for Nal Sarovar started building up.

We reached the boating point well before the sunrise. I could feel the thermal shock the moment I stepped out of my car. It took all of us some time to adjust to the bone chilling cold and windy atmosphere.

After completing the booking formalities, we finally settled in our boat and started preparing ourselves for the long waited boat ride!

We were sailing while it was still dark.. The pin drop silence was now replaced by The rhythmic sound of water hitting our small boat .

The landscape was slowly transforming.. We were able to see the golden glow at the horizon.. The chirping of birds started being prominent. The fog was getting thinner..and finally, while we were somewhere in the middle of the lake, we saw the Golden Ball raising.. It was truly one of the mesmerising sunrises that I have witnessed so far.

The water was tainted by the golden light!! How can one overlook the beautiful silhouettes of the birds with the golden light all around them?

And now my 'Me time' began!! For me there were only 2 people on the boat , the Boat guy and myself. The only request that I made to the boat guy was to make sure that the boat is positioned at the right place.

I set my frame with the sun in as a backdrop and was waiting for the bird to pass through. Unfortunately, I missed that shot, courtesy - my super excited family members. By the time I completed explaining them why not to make any sudden movements as I have to shoot with a slow shutter because of the insufficient light conditions, etc etc.. the sun popped out completely! I somehow managed some decent shots!