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The First Sunrise...!!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Since the day I ventured into wildlife photography, I was fascinated by the unparalleled world of African wildlife. After 4 years of persistence and endurance I finally got an opportunity to visit Masai Mara, Kenya in October 2017.

Our Initial plan was to take night halt at Nairobi and leave for Masai Mara next day early morning. But the longing to reach Masai Mara as soon as we could and start laying our equipments to the best use, we decided to cover Nairobi to Masai Mara distance which was approximately 6 hours by road the very same night.

After a long tiring journey, we reached our camp at around 5 am, took our cameras and jumped into our 4x4 Land Cruiser. The sky was still dark. We started our very first safari and noticed the sky towards the east started to reveal a gorgeous twilight.

With all the excitement and pepped up energy we drove through the grasslands. The cool morning breeze washed away all our tiredness. By now, the sky had turned into a canvas full of vibrant blue red and yellow colours.

Admiring the riot of colors overhead, we started looking out for animals to add a value to the beautiful natural frame.

Very soon our Masai Guide spotted a herd of impalas. In no time we parked our vehicles parallel to them. The pin drop silence until now got immediately replaced by the fast clicking shutter sound. In our very first sighting at this magnificent jungle, we realized how eventful and productive this trip was going to be. Stay Tuned! The Best Is Yet To Come!

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