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The finale click..!!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

African Elephants!

As we came back to the camp from our first safari, I realized sorting, segregating and processing all the images was going to be a perpetuating job as each concluding safari resulted in shooting thousands of pictures. So in order to avoid the clutter at the end of this trip, I decided to process each photo in a chronological order.

But there was this one shot that I eagerly wanted to process and lay my hands on since the moment I clicked it. It was the last photo I shot during my visit to Masai Mara.

After exhilarating seven days in Masai Mara, this was our last safari before flying back home.

Our last safari was like an icing on the already so delicious cake, no pun intended.

As soon as we entered the forest, we started to look out for Blacky and Lipstick, a pair of handsome male lions in their prime stride which we had missed previous morning as we invested a little bit more time in shooting Topi silhouette and an Ostrich.

Cursing our fate for previous morning and where sadly we didn’t catch any interesting sightings and praying for this morning, we hit the safari track for our last safari.

Barely, 15-20 mins later our guide Moses brought our attention towards a bush on top of the small hill in front of us.

One of the male lion of the gorgeous pair was sleeping inside the bush.

At that moment, we thought our last safari was coming to an end on a very disappointing note as we all knew this was the last chance to see and photograph these male lions.

Heavy-heartedly, we sat down in our car and out of nowhere, my friend Dhananjay spotted the second male lion walking towards us from the other side.

After shooting male lion we turned our lenses towards cubs which were also distinctly visible to us. We got a superb sighting of cubs playing with mother, amusing one another, running and jumping over each other. That merrymaking continued till the time sunlight became really harsh for cubs leaving them ill- at ease. Soon they left the grassland and went into the bushes to snooze and thus, we commenced our return journey ceasing the last safari on a very fulfilling and satisfying note.

We had almost packed up our equipment and lenses, when we saw a beautiful breathtaking heard of Elephants across the road.

The sky with the clouds was so dramatic that I just couldn't resist myself from clicking these beauties even though I already had loads of elephant images.

To try out a different composition this time, I grabbed my 70-200mm lens. I kept clicking until I saw my battery indicator started blinking indicating low battery.

The photographs came out really well and moreover I had an amazing time shooting them.

Stay Tuned!

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